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Los Roques, tips? tricks? info?

Hi all,
if everything goes the way I planned it hopefully I will be going back home for christmas and new year this year (got 4 weeks of!). Finally beeing home with my parents around the holidays, haven't been there for the past two years, christmas even much longer ago.
Anyways, let's cut to the cheese.
My parents want to do something special when we are there and as they do a lot of voluntary work with seaturtle conservation Los Roques is a place they really want to visit. So I will go there with the folks!
An excellent chance of fishing down there ofcourse, but most info I can get are all expensive fly-fishing lodges and guides. My budget is not that big so i will do most things my self and am looking for info on DIY in Los Roques.
Is it true you need a fishing license there?
And are most good sites not reachable from the main island (what is the main island?).
So guys, this is an open invitation to put down some of your experiences.... Hope to read some stuff.
Thanks, Sander
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