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gasp !

wow what a story.... you must have flipped out wondering what the guide was doing...

I am with you...they are too fast in the water and if they want you..there is not much you can do! I don't target them anymore and I dont make a commotion when they are around.

Funny short story... I was on a Windjammer Cruise through the islands a long time ago. I brought my spinning outfit and had some tube lures for cuda. There were several Chicago cops on the trip and they were great fun. One of them was watching me cast way out from a beach to some sharks and I asked him if he would like to try it... he jumped at the chance because he had hardly ever fished before. I told him to cast way out and reel fast... he did and then two big sharks started following the lure and he freaked out and turned and ran off the flat but he still had the rod in hand and was still pulling the lure behind him and the sharks kept chasing after him !!! We all went hysterical watching the scene ! The poor guy gave up fishing for the rest of the trip.
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