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Long Odds

As Jim mentioned the first step would be to get your kayak registered. That is the only way to get a permit as the paper is for the vessel not the person. A few guys over on RT have done the legal work to get their boats registered and I think a few have taken skipjack from their yaks (a great accomplishment). Bluefin in my opinion would be tough. I think your best bet would be to hope the little guys come inshore like they did a few years ago. I think a fish in the 30" range is doable on a 10wt (your 12wt would definitely be fine) and from the yak if you can get on them. Anything that requires the lifting power of the TFO Bluewater HD is crazy to think about in a yak in my opinion. Maybe take the $250 for the BW HD and split a guide for a day to get a sense for fighting these fish from a stable platform first. I assume you have done albies from the yak already?

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