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Sharks and bonefish

In summer I seem to loose more bonefish to lemon sharks (than in other seasons), and I finelly learned how to get a lemon shark to give it up. Jump on it! I can understand why folks might be apprehensive about this, as I was when first shown how, but lemons simply do not have the instinct to do anything other than flee when stepped on. They WILL NOT bite.
So next time you can get close enough to a lemon bird-dogging your hooked fish, run up to it and jump on it, and he's out of there, all thoughts of your bonefish forgotten.
It really works and is really not at all dangerous to the angler. However, make sure you're sure of that second dorsal, as I wouldn't advise jumping on the back of a bull shark, but those are much rarer on the bonefish flats.
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