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"SNIT" this is a term we use on the Chatahoochee river in Atlanta to stand for:

"Standard Nine Inch Trout" and it is a stocked fingerling hatchery fish that you catch right after they dump them in the river. You will catch these "typical " fish and get some bigger "holdovers". What I'm getting at is the frame of reference for judging the fish relative to the local enviroment.

On the Kola River in early June, your fish size will average 21 pounds. It's been pretty consistant the years I've been there on that river. The Panoi will have much smaller but more plentiful fish. They may catch 800 fish for a week, one will be 20 pounds.

We weighed every fish with a scale holding up the net, taking a kilogram off for the net. So if I say a fish was 24 pounds, it was 12Kg in the net, minus one Kg for net or 11 Kg/24 pounds. I think the net is a lot less than a Kg/2.2 pounds, but that is how they report it.

Those early fish are quite spectacular and addictive....

Tight Lines,

Jim Y
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