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Well this is kind of an old thread so you probably already bought your rod. For the sake of discussion, I'll add my advice. I think if you want a versatile rod for big and small water and you want a 3wt, you should get something with some backbone, like a fast action rod. That way, you can turn over heavier flies a little more easily than you'd expect for a 3wt rod. Maybe take a look at the Sage TXL, Sage Z-Axis (though the lightest Z-Axis is a 4wt), or Winston LT. On the other hand, a progressive taper could suit you well. Progressive taper rods can do delicate presentations with a light touch but have reserve power for when you get a lot of line out. The Sage SLT is a great bet and you can find new ones from online stores and on ebay for 40% off MSRP right now. Some other options you might want to look at if you go the progressive taper route are the Thomas and Thomas Paradigm, and the Sage ZXL. Anyway, I'm also a big fan of ultralights and when I lived out west I used a Sage SLT 3wt almost exclusively. True, I couldn't cast very heavy nymphs, but it can cast a woolly bugger when I need it to and that's all that matters to me. Unfortunately I now live in the Midwest and the local streams are float fishing with deep streamers and nymphs if I want to catch fish so a 6wt is in order, but I love to pull out the ultralights whenever I can.
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