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SOT Eval

All of a sudden my wife is on the hunt for a SOT. It probably started last week in the Adirondacks when she saw how easily I could get in my Tarpon 120. It definitely hit high gear when she had a bit of difficulty getting back into her SINK after a little island stop. She went from an ill-advised side-saddle mount to a near perfect backwards 1/2 Eskimo Roll. Perfect execution: body underwater in the muck, feet flailing in the air, kayak upside down, dog barking, her brother & I howling with least a 9.0!

So now I could use some user inputs on the various SOTS (10-12 ft) , I have the Tarpon and like it (except for the ridiculous cottage-cheese lid hatch cover) and had an older Ocean Kayak tandem, but that's all.
We live in complex times, what with fishing,sailing and skiing seasons overlapping.
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