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EP Step by Step Part 2

STEPS 5 & 6 Now is the time to add some flash material of your choice. Whatever you use, don't overdo it with the flash material (Here I have used a little pearl blue lite brite) and give it the brush in treatment. To avoid the thread which is securing all of the ties becoming too bulky, the next hi-tie, is just tied on top of the hook, without any length being folded back. This will then leave the tying thread which by now will be begining to bulk up, almost level with the hook shank again. Oh, and don't forget the brush or comb treatment.

STEP 7 Once you have reached around the halfway point along the hook shank, you need to bulk the fly up just a little, in order that it will not collapse when being fished. To do this, cut a slightly thicker clump of Pinfish fibres from the hank, but don't overdo it. Now rather than tying in as previously described in steps 2 & 3, make the back facing length considerable shorter, and then the folded back length a good bit longer, but still a little shorter than the tie in step 6. Brush /Comb to blend.

STEP 8 Repeat step 5 adding another two lengths of Baitfish Belly fibres, making sure, they are shorter than those you attached in step 5. Now is the time to add a little more flash if desired. Brush /Comb to blend.

STEP 9 Continue adding ever shortening hi-ties of Pinfish fibres until you reach a point about 3/16" from the hook eye, at the same time making sure that the hi-ties, low-ties, are roughly even, at this final tie down point.

STEP 10 The mid-ties:- In order to achieve a blending between the two colours thus far utilised, you now need to complete the tying sequence with a couple of mid ties of contrasting colours, and in this sequence I have used Hot Pink and Lavender. The first picture shows I have also added another low-tie of Baitfish Belly to even the top and bottom tyings up, in addition to which I have tied a length of no more than half a dozen hot pink EP fibres to the side of the hook. Lay these fibres along the whole of the dressing, and trim to a length just short of the end of the dressed fly. Repeat this on the other side of the hook, and then add a thicker length of Lavender EP Fibres directly over the top of the Hot Pink tyings, and trim so as they are around 2/3rds of the full body length of the fly.

This completes the actual tying sequence, so you should now finish off with a few turns of tying thread to build a neat slim head. Whip finish and you can then either apply a coat of Loon Hard Head or similar, or if you are fussy like me, before doing so you can colour the very top of the head with a non-permanent marker pen of an appropriate shade, wet your fingers, and blend the ink down the sides of the head. This is totally unnecessary I know, but having gone to great lengths to ensure the materials are blended nicely, it doesn't seem right to me to finish with a head of just one colour, and it only takes a couple of seconds anyway.
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