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Maui Jims

Thanks again for all the feedback. I picked up my pair of Maui Jim Cyclones today from the optometrist. I have had non-script AOs in photo copper and amber for a number of years and I have to say the first impression is definitely that the Maui's provide a better "true color" experience. The glass script lenses are considerably heavier than the non-script but I was able to alleviate some of the weight issue by going with a thicker cotton cloth chum which helps balance the weight. So far a quick walk around the neighborhood hasn't produced any distortion. Can't wait to get them on the flats for a full test run.


I do like the photo amber lenses from AO as well for early morning, fog etc.. and I am going to keep my pair of non-script lenses around for that purpose and probably pick up a pair of script lenses in the future. My eye problems are more of a muscular issue than lense is my understanding as I can see at a distance pretty well but tend to get eye fatigue over a long day. So for the few hours I need them the non-script may do the job.

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