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Sean, a search will bring up a lot on this.

I have owned rx specs from just about all of them. Mauis are the best over all (great glass, good frames), but the lenses are too dark for fishing. Best for show.

Action is very good with lots of options there, but the frames are a little cheap. I like their yellow lens and their copper. The CW/copper might be the best all around lens. The yellow is the best lens for low light (morning evening know, when the fishing is best). I love those yellow lenses. I find that I wear them all day, forgetting to put on the darker lens.

I have had good experiences with Costas, and I like their frames and lenses. They have the best wraps. I think I would go with them unless you needed a really high % of light transmission, then go with the AO's.

I have had bad luck with the Orvis eye wear and a couple of buddies have had poor luck with Ocean Waves.

Look at the Keanons too. I have friends that love those.
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