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In terms of DIY, tarpon fishing can be tough, if from out of state. The reason I say this is that you would at least need a yak to get to most of them. What size fish are you interested in as that would be helpful. Big fish will be on the Beach. medium and small sized fish can be found in waters that are inland. Did you have a particular place in mind?

A great place to yak for tarpon is the Sebastain river, the north fork has a more and bigger fish but it's in deeper water. The south fork, when they are there tend to eat better. It also a gret place for snook.

Another place that is great this time of year is the Everglades out of Flamingo. This can also be done by yak but don't have any personal experience on this one in recent years specifcally targeting tarpon. Also the closest lodging is Florida City unless you want to camp.

Once again, if you let me know what place you are interested in I can focus in on what's available for you.


P.S. The gulf side beaches previously mentioned is probably your best bet for big fish that you can get to by yak.
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