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Thanks for the feedback and original inspiration...

I'm a tough self critic (Being an engineer is a curse) and not very happy w/ finish on wraps. Base layer of flexcoat was applied too cold which allowed many wraps to set w/ a ripple (barely noticeable in this pic), a two or three bubbles. I know better but was forced into the basement during this step due to poor planning. Additional coats helped smooth almost all variation out.

I was wondering about wrapping the female ferrule and thought hard and decided a little bit would go a long way... Now you got me concerned.

Easy enough to strip/re-wrap/finish 2nd section, third section wrapped fully don't need to do anything there, tip section is fully epoxied over decorative wrap. Not much I can think to do on tip section, hope the epoxy finish helps.

Took it for a test drive Sunday evening but Pike weren't cooperating. No problem as I was perfectly content to just cast... Wow, impressive how easy it is to make some booming casts w/ that rod. Will try to get some action on it again Thursday.
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