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RE:Favorite striper hook

I LOVE the Eagle Claw 254SS - Rich in Marlboro carries them in the bigger sizes, however, I am very interested in getting them in some smaller sizes (2,4 even 6). Does anyone know of a source for these smaller sizes? They do not have a very reflective surface, are relatively sharp (although not as sharp out of the package as the Tiemcos), have a large eye, and seem light. The shank is short and the gape relatively large - comparible to the Tiemcos.

I was looking for 6's and 4's this weekend - and a comparison of the Tiemcos (811's)and the Mustads (34007) in both sizes left me with the impression that a size 4 Tiemco is like a size 2 Mustad. Kind of made me wonder when you look at a hook recipe if they take that into account.

Would love to hear if anyone knows of a supplier of the Eagle Claw 254SS in the smaller sizes.


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