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RE:Favorite striper hook

Hook and fly failure with hour shaped eyes are quite common. If your hour shape eyes are cast metal, many time a fish can snap it off by twisting it against their jaw cartilage during the fight.

If your hour shaped eyes are machined, the metal is much stronger. In this case, torque is apply to the bend of the hook causing that to fail.

These new shorter hooks like the Varivas and Tiemco 600 SP are going to be great for flies that are tied mainly on the top portion of the sank. The success flies tied with unfair advantage material come to mind.
With larger profile type of flies, like you said Juro, you won't have to counterbalance your design. Of course there will be added weight with these new hooks. Flies will have a keel effect and you won't have to apply lead as much any more to stabilize them.
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