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RE:Favorite striper hook

Hi Ray - when you had failed 811s hooks, do you mean from rocks vs fish? I have never had a failed hook of this model/make from a fish although I've failed everything possible on a snag. The tippet always gives way before the hook could suffer any damage for me.

The lighter wire (by SWFF stds) let's me cast them with much greater ease due to their light weight even in 3/0 and 4/0 sizes. I tend to use material distribution for stability rather than hook design, the eye/shaft/bend is always heavier than the point... although it's worth some thought now that you mention it.

The TMC 600 / Varivas both sound interesting. I used to snell hooks on offset eye gamakatsu's (Trey Combs style hooks) in-line for coho salmon tube flies and having the point (I assume you mean point rather than barb, right?) inline with the eye makes sense.

They have been making the bent shaft in-line hooks for a while now, but I am sure you are referring to something without the shaft bend, correct?
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