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RE:Favorite striper hook

Being a loyal Tiemco hook user and tier of their products I use them exclusively. As Juro mentioned that their 811 and 911 series are excellent quality hooks. They are extremely sharp for hook sets. They don't seem to dull as much as grounded wedge shaped hooks when they hit rocks or sand. There's is more conical in shape.

I however, had a few failures with their 811 series hook. They are light weight in nature and the failure points seem to be in the bend area. Maybe tempered to much.

Tiemco has come out with a new 600 SP hook, that is heavier but shorter than the current 811's I have not fished with them yet, but I do have some on order. Being heavier in the bend area will keep larger flies from flipping on their sides. The shortness of the hook shank will also keep them from fouling as much.

At the Marlborough show I talked to the Varivas hook representative about their new entry. They seem very similiar to the new Tiemco 600 SP series. I wouldn't be surprised if they were made by the same manufacturing company. Both Varivas and Tiemco are imported from Japan.

I have order a bunch of Varivas hooks also. Come spring I will put both them to test.

Both the Varivas and Tiemco's 600 SP series have there barbs bent to align with the eyes of the hook. Look more like a circle hook without the extreme bend in the point.

Will let you know after water testing the results of comparison.

Beware! they are both expensive. Some hook sizes average close to a dollar apiece.
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