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Favorite striper hook

I noticed people have a range of hook preferences with all the recent tying events.

My favorite for most all-around patterns is the Tiemco 811s. Daichi has a similar design whose # escapes me now. The 800s is a shorter, stouter hook. I prefer the lighter wire (which is not that much lighter) and has a little more of an offset "cup" in the crotch of the gap. This seems to help since many of us fish barbless. Top size 811s are hard to find but come in sizes up to 4/0.

For long shank patterns, I prefer the Tiemco 911s although the wire diam is heavier.

I tried the perfect bend hooks like those from Gamakatsu. I liked how light they were and how strong they are for the weight and diameter. The points scream sharp. For some reason I experienced a number of lost fish with them and went back to the 811s. Gami makes a large variety of hooks like the Trey Combs hooks.

I heard Daichi makes the Alec Jackson spey hooks on another topic but I digress.

I recently bought the daichi circles after reading experiments people did with bait. They were pricey but I want to keep the circle fly experiments going this season.

Just curious what people use out there...
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