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Mustad C70S hooks

I've been a huge Mustad fan for the past 30 years, but have finally decided the C70S hook is not strong enough for bonefishing. I seem to be consistently bending size 6 and 4 hooks before breaking 12# tippets. I can even bend size 6 on 10# tippets.
I've observed this over several years and with many bonefiush. I know, I know, one shouddn't be putting this much pressure on a bonefish, but there are situations where I feel the need to clamp down a bit, and really, the hook shouldn't give out before the tippet.

I've also tried using the C68S, and it doesn't bend, but I find the short shank and large gap makes it much harder to keep from falling over with bead chain eyes.

So, no more C70S for me. I guess I'm back to the old 34007, which hasn't let me down, and maybe I'll start experimenting with fancy Japanese hooks. Still, it's a disappointment to find the C709S can't stand up to bonewfishing, since it seems like a superb hook in all other ways.

Your mileage, of course, may differ.
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