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Going from memory the species that I caught are;
queenie, goldies, cobia, big eye trevors, aussie salmon, blue salmon, bonito, longtail tuna, flattie, dart, bream, bluefish, spanish mackerel, various reef cod, coral trout, sand barra, longtom, stripeys, tarpon, tuskies, and I'm sure there are more.

From the ones that got away; Lost a few barra, two from a reef and a nice one from the mangroves. I had a kingie on for about three seconds and a nice GT who took my creasie then broke me off as I discovered I was standing on the line when it decided to run.

Most common were queenies.

Tuna fishing was tough, I think the consensus was that we were there a little too early for the tuna.

I didn't like the barra fishing much. The mangroves were windless and full of flies. The barra were not taking too readily and it was hard work for little reward.

The manta's were good fun. We would always look for them in the shallow beaches feeding on the jelly prawns, usually flipping through them time and time again.

On the odd occasion they would turn up 'empty' but usually they would be loaded with a whole flotilla of fish, looking to scavenge from their table. Both Matt and Basses caught remora's which had detached them selves from the manta to take their fly, then subsequently re-attach themselves. Even with the drag right up on the reel they were hard to detach from the manta and Matt almost got spooled because he went from playing a remora to a manta. He was pretty relieved when the remora finally was persuaded to part with the manta; but had a lot of line to wind back onto his reel.

The real target from a manta was a cobia, these would often hide under the manta, so a heavy fly was needed to get below the manta and get the interest of the cobia. I caught my first cobia off a manta.

I remember one manta who had a large 'tail' of gold from the goldies which were trailing him. Quite a sight to get the heart pumping.

On the last day of fishing I was driving the boat to get Matt a shot on a manta which was rolling. This manta changed directly and rolled right at the front of the boat, hitting is and soaking Matt in the process.

The curse was hooking the manta though as this was game over for the fun as the manta would head for the deep very quickly and you'd have to pull for a break.

Gotta love them manta's - the gift which keeps on giving
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