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I have had a guide model 10' since 2003, it is bulet proof and it turns a lot of heads when drifting down river. It also handles big waves and high class 3 white water.
In terms of quality and durability you will not see another pontoon boat like this.
BUTit is very very very very heavy. Those who are planning to hike a few yards or going up on steep banks don't even think about getting it as is too heavy, how about drifting down a river to an obstacle and having to portage around it, would be way too difficult.
Now I am using it only when fishing with a friend, it is large enough to hold a second person in the back with a few adjustments, also am using it when fishing difficult water that has access to put in and take out. The rest of time I use a Watermaster type of inflatable( made by Star inflatables$800, that in my opinion looks better build and cheaper than the brand name) that could carry long distances and up on steepy banks and is very stable in rough water.
I live on Skeena anf fish all kind of rivers, slow and fast, big and small, and if had to choose one inflatable only, it would be my Watermaster type.
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