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Some comments: Either loop system works very well as do various means of attaching a braided loop. Depending upon its diameter I wouldn't use any mono over 10lb to form the two nail knots. You need the mono to dig into the fly line coating and heavier mono really won't do it that well. The same is true of the thread used in the spinning loop. You want it to be reasonably strong, but still quite thin so it bites into the coating. Be careful when applying Knot Sense. It works well, but the tendency is to use more than needed. The problem that I experienced there is that it creates enough weight in the tip of a floating line that the tip will sink. We often blame fly line companies when our tips sink, but many times it's what we've done to that tip (which by definition has the thinnest layer of coating of the entire head) that causes the tip to sink. I've gone back to what I used to use years ago (the 1970s), Pliobond. You can actually apply two or three very thin layers of Pliobond and not have it be as bulky/heavy as one layer of Knot Sense that's not carefully applied.
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