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Originally Posted by Paxton
Pete......I like Airflo cold salt intermediate....casts extremely well and never tangles....but to be honest I have never tried the little tunny, nor rio lines.....the above 3 lines are the ones that are most frequently used as far as I can see when I'm at the Cape....I think that you would most likely be satisfied with any of the 3.
My sense is that if you buy any of these lines you will most likely keep using them because all are great lines.
Ron used

Have they improved that lines warm water performance? I remember that being a great line up until mid June and then on a hot day it would turn into sticky spaghetti in a basket and on a boat deck forget about it.

I agree that the RIO is hard to beat for a full line clear int. I really like the clear tip lines for the flats as well. 10' clear tip with floating running line is a good choice for big bright flats as you can pick up and re-cast long lengths of line. For short vis days a full clear a line or two up to load the rod for short shots.

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