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Color my world

Observed Kenny Abrames slide show at the Marlborough Flying Show this weekend. Not you typical slide show presentation, only two dozen pics. Lecture followed. All the shots were taken underwater featuring baitfish and crustaceans under normal light conditions. Not sure if all of them were taken on site. Some looked like they might have been taken as if you were looking through an Aquarium. Very interesting stuff though.

Some baitfish were front lit exposing the true colors of the prismatic scale. Others were backlighted, showing the bait as translucent, except in the areas of the organs of course.

Kenny analyzes and duplicates these color schemes that you see in his underwater shots. His line of saddle hackles reflect these earth tone hues.

A few years ago, a lamp manufacture (OTT) claimed clarity in true color reproduction. They claimed that their lamp produced the truest colors of natural light.

My question is, If you match the colors that you would normally see underwater at the tying vise, wouldn't that color scheme change once you submersed the fly under the media of water? Isn't it fruitless? What good is it really, when we try to match colors at the tying table? If we were doing dry flies, than I could understand, because you view them and fish them in the same light media.

I think I'll stick to my rainbow colors and prismatic color schemes and let nature take it's course. Any thoughts.

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