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RE:clear intermediate to backing connection?

Thanks everybody-

Juro- Yes-I just treated it like braided mono, and made one of my regular loops. I have plenty of it if you want some- let me know. Actually, my splicing needle is just a folded over piece of Mason #6 leader wire.

Ssully- My line from last season (originally white) now has that day-glo thing going on the back 10-15 feet, so I'm expecting it to happen on this new line also. Doesn't bother me too much- I figure, it's the first 20 or so feet I need to worry about- any fish that I spook with yellowish line 60 feet away from it isn't likely to get caught least, not by me. And like Juro, it lets me know when I'm close to getting pulled into the backing- or making really good casts
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