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Originally Posted by teflon_jones
I mention them in the same breath because both are known for excellent warranty service. I don't see how you can knock Orvis warranty service. Myself and everybody I know that has ever dealt with them has been incredibly satisfied. Personally, I have a set of Orvis Silver Label waders that has seen 4 seasons of very rough use and has yet to spring a leak. I beat the heck out of them hiking through brush, wading in sharp rocks, and in general doing lots of things that should destroy them. You mention having problems with Clearwaters, which are Orvis' cheapest waders. Simms doesn't make a product that's anywhere near to the same price point. For that matter, they only make waders in the same price range as the 2 top of the line Orvis models.

I've heard a more than a few complaints about Orvis waders, but people who have problems are always more likely to speak up than happy customers. But I dont' recall ever hearing a complaint about any of the Orvis top of the line waders. I'd bet Orvis sells at least 100 times as many waders as Simms does, and based on what I've seen, most people are happy. I'd bet that the numbers could be more like 1000 times as many. I'd also bet that Orvis would have taken back your Clearwaters after the warranty was up and never said a word.

Personally, I don't have $300-400 to spend on a pair of waders, so Simms won't be getting my business any time soon. I got my Orvis waders for $75 off eBay! My point in mentioning both Orvis and Simms to the OP was simply because of the warranty service because the OP is located overseas where dealing with a company that might have poor warranty service could be a real pain.
Hello Teflon,

My post was intended as an opinion about waders and not as a personal shot at anyone. Obviously, it was poorly written since it was misinterpreted - my apologies to you for that. By the way, I own a pair of Simms Freestone waders that I bought as a backup to my original Guide model. The Freestone has performed just as well as the Guide so I wear them all the time. Based on this experience, I venture to say that one does not necessarily have to spend top dollar to get reliability in a pair of waders.
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