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i bought the Kodiak Jacket and the Blackwater wader three years ago from a shop in Chilliwack. I liked them long before i bought them but had heard of problems with the seams around the crotch area. Bought em anyway. I paid $550($100 off) for the set and fished them both for steelhead on the Vedder, Chehalis and Thompson and on my Salmon waters here on the East Coast. First i have to say that they are probably the most comfortable wader i have yet to wear(haven't worn Simms). I finally developed a small, slow leak in the left foot on a trip to Margaree last fall so after i got home i used a back-up set while i shipped them off to the good Folks in B.C. A couple of follow up emails and phone conversions and my waders were on their way back to me. Brand new Blackwaters with tags were staring at me when i opened the parcel!!! Bare also included a wading belt and a new set of Gator guards. Outstanding customer service for this salmon chaser and service like that tends to keep me around.
As for who's are the best?? I tend to believe that for the money that we pay out they all suck!!! Any wader made today should only leak due to a tear or wearing out,,, period!!!
IMHO Bare waders are as good as any wader i have yet worn.
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