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Originally Posted by teflon_jones
I've never heard of them, and I've been fly fishing for a pretty long time. I'd stick with one of the better known brands like Orvis or Simms. If anything goes wrong, they have excellent warranty service.
First a disclaimer; I have never owned Bare waders or products so my comments about them are not from first hand knowledge.

Bare is a Canadian company that made its reputation in wetsuits for diving, windsurfing and triathlons; I do none of those. I think it is only later that they branched out into neoprene fishing waders and from what I have heard, I believe Bare is a well regarded name among fishermen in British Columbia and Alberta where people are crazy enough to fish in mid-winter. I think they were late into breathable waders though, and were never able to catch up in market share to the first movers like Simms, Patagonia and Orvis. I guess marketing hyperbole sells products and they don't match up to the big names in that respect. I have in the past seen their waders in shops in the Toronto area, and considered them but bought others.

I can't see how a person can name Orvis and Simms in the same breath though. My first pair of breathable waders was a pair Orvis Clearwater. They started leaking just after the warranty ran out. I liked the comfort so I bought a second pair but they also leaked and I never bothered with a warranty replacement. I was using them with a pair of Orvis boots that delaminated when they were almost new. Getting replacements under warranty is a nuisance so I repaired the felts myself. Then, one of the speed lacing eyelets popped out effectively rendering the boots unuseable. Off to the landfill. I had a pair of Orvis bootfoot hip waders that was replaced twice under warranty because the felts delaminated. I gave up and didn't bother with a third replacement. A warranty is only useful if a product is not junk in the first place - the paperwork, visits to the shop, time lost etc., make it a pain in the ass.

An Orvis field tester happened to be in camp at the same as me on a salmon fishing trip to New Brunswick five years ago. I mentioned my experiences to him and damned if his top of the line Orvis waders didn't spring a major leak the next day. From talking to him it seemed that it wasn't the first time that that had happened to him.

So, my conclusion then was that Orvis does not do waders well. Good quality control is a mindset that has to start at the top and permeate a company. Things might well have changed since then, but my purchasing decisions do not now include Orvis for anything and never will again; if their waders were that bad, how good can their, rods, reels, etc., be? Its the same people making the decisions.

I use Simms waders. They actually live up to their reputation as the best fitting waders available.
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