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I have used bow and arrow casts once, but only because there was no other way. A long, long time ago now I was exploring a new to me, tiny (less than 2m wide), brook trout stream that was so overgrown with trees and brush that it was impossible to cast normally. I was using my shortest rod, a soft 6 ft 4wt cane. I did manage to catch a few but found it to be no fun at all, more work than play, and I have never bothered with that or similar places again. I also caught a few there by dapping, another tactic for tight spots.

My lack of skill probably had something to do with it but I think I am more accurate at 20 metres casting normally than at 5 metres with a bow and arrow cast. I was hanging up on wood maybe 2 out of 3 casts with the 3rd not landing exactly where I intended. I think the only reason I caught any at all was that the little stream was so full of fish that had rarely been fished for. It was also the kind of place mosquitoes love.

I wonder what type of rod would be best for a bow and arrow cast, slow, medium, or fast action.
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