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Originally Posted by Frogfish
Hey guys,

I plan on using 50# gelspun for a reel that I'll be using for heavy freshwater, and light-medium saltwater. How would you attach it to the arbor, and then to the flyline? Also, how should I wind Gelspun onto the reel?

Also, I'm looking for a good intermediate 11 or 12 wt fly line to be used exclusively in the surf and saltwater, for macks, jacks, tarpon, and spinner sharks. What do you guys suggest? Any good leader too?

To attach Gelspun to the reel use a 6 turn uni knot.

I attach my fly line to the backing with a loop to loop system. There are some posts on the forum about how to tie a loop on the end of the fly line. For the backing I use a 30 turn bimini. However it is possible that the gelspun can cut the fly line so I use a sheaf of dacron inside the bimini loop which then is in contact with the fly line loop. I can give you more details if you like.

SA make a good intermediate/sinker for the tropics.

As regard to leader, it depends on the species in terms of shock tippet. Most saltwater brands are OK. Some are thicker than others.
For tarpon you must use a thick abrasion resistnd tippet, for macks I prefer light wire, for jacks not so heavy.
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