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Originally Posted by Adrian
Depending on water depth, I can see a case for a fast sinking line/tip to get the fly in the zone quickly. I use a floating line almost exclusively which puts me in the "non-politically-correct" camp
Depending on ones perspective, it could put you in the excessively PC crowd as well

"Murphy's hypothesis" is a bit of an overstatement with all due respect to his magnum opus, since people have found the merits in a sinking line (as well as it's handicaps) since experimentation was born and I forget who 'invented' that.

There are days when line type does not matter at all. Those are not the days when one should judge the merits of one verses the other. Judge on the days it makes all the difference.

IMHO the clear intermediate has the broadest application across the various situations that may arise. Sometimes a sinker is better, sometimes a floater is better.

One can choose to be a specialist or a generalist. One thing I know for sure, if you are a wading angler and use an intermediate you think about all this a lot less than you do when using a sinker or floater. I think there's a message in that.

Viva la' difference.
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