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Hello Dan & welcome to the forum. There is a bunch of stuff you can read that will help you understand some of the finer points of fly fishing both on the web & in print. Or at least get you pointed in the right direction. Have a look in Borders or Barnes & Noble next time you are near one. There are several Books by Lefty Kreh that are good. "Presenting The Fly" comes to mind as good title from Lefty.
The Classic guide to Fly Fishing for Trout, by Charles Jardine is a good book for beginners to read. Just to name a few. I saw both of these books in a couple of different Borders locations recently.

Really the best way is to tag along with an experienced fly fisher and get some pointers. Time on the water and observation of what works & does not is really the best teacher. It takes time to get good at trout fishing.

Asking a specific question here can also help out immensely. Hopefully some others will come along & give you some more ideas. we all have our own ideas about what equipment & flies best, but there are some basic rules for lack of a better term that all fly fishers need to know. Then it is refine your technique and gain knowledge of the local Bug & food population. after a fashion you will start catching fish on a regular basis
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