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I remember Dave Pearson used to add a FS tip to his intermeiate line to get it down fast. However, as most sinking lines are very dark relative to a sandy bottom, which will also spook stripers, he used much longer leader (16ft+) to maintain stealth.

Depending on water depth, I can see a case for a fast sinking line/tip to get the fly in the zone quickly. I use a floating line almost exclusively which puts me in the "non-politically-correct" camp

However, when sight fishing the flats, I rarely wade deeper than my knees and most of my shots are at fish swimming in water 2ft or less. Floating lines don't slap the water like sinkers so, to me at least, there is a counter stealth argument. I also carry a couple of lengths of LC13 that I can loop on in a hurry if I want a fast sinking tip or something to get down in current.

To me, the pale grey color of LC13 actually makes it more stealthy than most sinking line formulations but things may have changed in recent years. It does slap down like all sinking lines - so a long leader is needed to avoid spooking fish.

If someone could come up with a sand colored type IV that would land softly they might be on to a winner.
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