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Sinking line on flats

Here's another question regarding the use(s) of a sinking line. I have been reading Richard Murphy's new book, which btw is a great read and has been enormously helpful. In it he writes about the use of sink tips on flats. He differs from other authors on this subject who advise the use of a floating or intermediate line. Rich's advice is based on the idea that it is critical in flats fishing that the line get to the bottom as quickly as possible lest it spook approaching stripers and on the way they forage. He reasons that intermediate lines takes too long to descend. I have been using intermediate line and have had some success out at Monomoy and on other flats. Of course my success could be based on the principle that my Dad often said regarding my other sport - golf, that "Even a blind squirrel occasionally finds a nut"! Soooo...I am interested in hearing what you guys have to say....I want to thank all of those who taken the time to help the new guys. Your discussions on gear and tactics have been helpful and appreciated.

Steve M.

Steve M.
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