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LL Bean 12WT

Hi I have a LL Bean 12WT Trophy Tarpon Rod, it's only been out of the tube a few times and never used in salt water (just threw some big bass bugs with it) I bought it new and will never use it so wanting to see if there is any interest. Also have a SA System 2 12/13 reel and 3 spools 2 never used. Spools have full backing and Mastery 12WT full sinking clear line, WF 12 F both never used other spool has a bass taper I think. LL Bean no longer makes this model. But they were nice enough to send me a copy of an old catalog with the outfit price circa 1994 (the 2 extra spools and line were extra) I have a 5 and 8WT for fishing and it's a shame to have this sitting in the closet. Never sold anything here so not sure how to go about it let me know if you have any questions. EDIT to add some pictures

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