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In my experience fishing NL, if I were to recommend fishing anywhere other than the Humber River, I would head to the Northern Peninsula, and fish either Portland Creek, the Big East River, River of Ponds or The Torrent River, my preference though is the Torrent. Theres campground and cabins located alongside both Portland Creek, River of Ponds and the Torrent, with the big east within a couple minutes drive of the torrent. Great runs of grilse in all these rivers, and local guides can also bring you to some wonderful secluded pools. There is a tendency in primetime to get some crowded pools though. Biggest advantage to fishing the Humber is its such a large water system theres a better chance of getting free of the crowds. All the rivers mentioned here in cluding the Humber, are within 200 kms of each other. If you decide to do this I could probably refer some guides on all rivers. For the best fishing though, no matter what the water conditions, go to Deer Lake and fish the Humber.
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