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Question FLY REELS

Ok am a bit of a newbie, infact just started fly fishing recently so im not really that clued up on all the ins and outs. ok, i got an airflo T7 fly reel off of ebay for 50 which i thought was a bargain seen as they seel for around double that in shops, and because im new to fly fishing iam not sure if the reel is working perfect. i think this is mainly because i have heard quite a lot of bad reviews about the reel which has got me a bit worried. so what does everyone think of the reel, and also other airflo equipment like rods etc?????? and also i noticed with the reel that i used the first couple of times i was down that it made a noise if i had a fish on or if i was reeling in line. with the T7 there is not any noise which again has got me worried!!?????? all comments would be halpfull! thanks
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