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Jocelin has well detailed the rivers and optimum times .IMHO I'd concentrate on one river and "add others as you travel up the coast from Tadoussac starting with the Escoumins .Call in at each river and ask if the fish ARE in/arrived . The Laval has pretty well tanked and IS very difficult to fish .The ZEC rivers
Escoumins , Godbout, Trinite(s) ,Aux Rochers are well worth looking into .DO NOT be disuaded by the small runs BELIEVE ME .All are screaming for a two handed rod ! There is one superb outfitter on the Moisie but you have crossed that river out ,and on the St Jean (EXCELLENT FOLK) Be sure to mention that you are C&R orientated and doors will magically open !
The Montagnais on the Natashquan run an EXCELLENT outfitting service.
As far as flies just bing along your Gaspe selection ! After all, the Godbout is where the Green Stonefly originated ! Most (all?) rivers are tea coloured but green flies seem to woik OK ,as does a small brown swuanundaze bodied stonefly. North Shore Salmon seem to prefer smallish flies
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