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Originally Posted by Galong
I've sort of stuck with store-bought tapered leaders. Perhaps I should try to make some of my own and see how they compare.
I've been using the factory tapered kind for almost 20 years. They're simple, easy, and work really well. They can be a little pricey, but luckily for me I picked up a 10 year supply for 75% off at an Orvis store that was going out of business.

Originally Posted by Galong
I'm a bit concerned about having two or three knots in a home-made leader. Knots are the weakest point aren't they?
Yes, normally they are. However, I've had very few cases of my admittedly poor knots breaking. I don't even use the correct types of knots and they hold. I tie 2 improved clinch knots back to back when I attach tippet and they hold just fine, even in 7X tippet.
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