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Human hair flies - dog hair flies anyone

Hey, have any of you ever tried using human hair or maybe dog hair to make flies? I've got four hairy dogs that need haircuts rather often, so I was wondering if I should ask the barber for some of the hair back. My doggies are white, black and various shades of brown... some of their hairs are soft and others a bit stiffer.

What about human hair? I can't get any from my very manly crown, but I can still get some from the sides.

Let me know if you'd tried either of these and if there were any downsides or performance problems.

And no, I'm not so cheap that I don't want to buy stuff from fly fishing shops. The problem is that there aren't any of them over here; This way would give me an immediate source of tying material.

Any and all feedback welcomed... including funny stuff.


From sunny Phuket, Thailand
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