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And as far as Sean, notice how when someone says " I dont mean to be the worlds biggest flaming asshole scumbag but...", they tend to be the....
For the record, this looks like I had written this in Dry's second post because it shows up in the quote box. I did not.
I believe that is Dry's writing.

I have read on other boards that the Sharkskin is a good line. A few posters noticed measurable improved distance. All note that the line makes a noise ( a wizzing, from the line's texture) in the guides - some liked this, others did not. Still too soon to measure durability. No one was sure if it was going to be worth the $100. No one was jumping up and down that this is the greatest thing ever, but many liked it.

Bear in mind, the above is a secondhand paraphrase of stuff I heard on the internet...
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