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And as far as Sean, notice how when someone says " I dont mean to be the worlds biggest flaming asshole scumbag but...", they tend to be the....
I may just be (and now that I think about it I totally am, good to be the worlds best at something) but now you are saying totally different loops broke, a couple different times and it is still SAs fault Maybe you should look elsewhere for the problem...or don't. Sounds like that flyshop will be in for making a lot of money off you in the future.

Oh here is the google search for the surgeons knot, Take 5 minutes away from breaking your loops all the time and learn it. Problem solved

I just get a little tired of the customer is always right mentality where people feel they can throw a product under the bus because they do not use it correctly. Which reminds me I need to return that fly rod I have been using as a walking stick, damn tip keeps breaking! Oh and let me tell you about that fly reel and these nails I was hammering with it. I cannot believe it is all dented up, and that fly line I am using to hang my laundry on, just does not cast the same anymore.

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