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Well said.

I've fished other islands in the Bahamas and I can't say that Acklins is all that different.

The main draw is that this will be year 4 now and we know the drill at this point. We can be off the plane and into fish within a half hour of the wheels touching down. That wasn't the case the first year and took at least two trips before we had it figured out.

As Juro said, the people are fantastic, and they know us pretty well at this point. We know from start to finish where our meals are coming from, when to run errands to maximize our fishing time (as you can imagine it's not 9 to 5 out there) and who to contact when we hit those little snags that are bound to happen on trips.

It has gotten more crowded in the last year or so but right now it still fits all our needs. I'm sure the time will come to branch out and try one of a number of other areas on our radar but for now and the near future it matches up with the type of trip that I enjoy.
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