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It depends on your perspective.

If steelheading is not Great Lakes freshwater hatchery drones but instead native pacific northwest nomadic rainbows the size of your leg with several thousand sea miles behind them; or if stripers are not jigged, trolled or chunked meat fish but ghostly 40" hunters on the flats at noon out on Monomoy on a July day with no one in sight for miles, or... you get the point.

Acklins is that for the bonefisher, in a word - pure. Not convenient per se, not posh nor cozy and I don't think there is a golf course on the entire archipelago in fact fresh drinking water was a new development the year I organized the first forum expedition there by a mere couple of months.

It's said that there are nearly 1000 square miles of flats, and most accessible by car. It's been hard for us to explore beyond the ridiculous flats we already know but there are some that see only our footsteps year after year and we leave with a sense of an experience all our own.

We have befriended the people of the island and that has become one of the greatest joys of the trip.

We are much less guests or visitors here than in other places, instead we are people with a passion for a beautiful and pure place in some ways stronger than those who see it everyday.

Therefore it's not an exploitation, but a celebration that sets it apart from the typical fishing venue.

And yes, it is that beautiful.
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