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The North Shore rivers to consider are

from West to East

Starting from Godbout a small town 40 minutes east of Baie Comeau

Godbout (zec) Late June to Late July
Trinite (zec) Late June to Late July
Pentecote (public) Late June to Late August
Aux Rocher (ZEC) Late June to Late July

Moisie (ZEC and Private Outfitter only) (Early June to late June for the zec Outfitter run are later)
Haute Saint Jean (Private Outfitter only) Mid June to late July)
Mingan (NAtive band management private)
Natasquan (Native band management private)

Between MIngan and NAtasquan is around 4 to 5 rivers that are private outfitters

If you need more info feel free to shoot me an email


For crowds dont worry any river any time no crowds on the North Shore even in prime time
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