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Hey Josko,

Sorry I am a bit late on responding to your request for info. Its been a busy Christmas season. I live in southwestern NH and have done some hike-in fishing in the White Mts. You might want to start with Steven Smith's, "Ponds and Lakes of the White Mts" published by Back Country Publications. You can find cheap used copies on Amazon. It is written with both hikers and anglers in mind. It includes detailed maps, size and elevation of the pond, and clear descriptions for each destination. It even rates the difficulty of each hike. I have fished Lonesome Lake, Kinsman Pond, Black Pond, and Shoal Pond and a few others. It is also worthwhile to hike the Franconia Brooks trail. It is a relatively flat terrain surrounded by 4000' +peaks. Once you get past Franconia Falls (and the crowds it attacts) you will find several miles of fishable water all the way to 13 falls tent site where you can spend the night. There is nothing too big to catch maybe 12 - 16 inches at the most, but you will be in some incredible backwoods country. Some of the ponds are not easy to fish with all the vegetation surrounding them. For many you will need a float tube. I did not have one so it limited my ability to catch. I am sure if I could've got out farther I would have had more success. The state stocks some of the more remote ponds, but they keep that info quiet. If you don't feel like doing much hiking, the Swift River which follows the kacamagus Hwy or the upper Saco both have some nice stretches where you can find your own
private pool. Good luck!

Steve M.
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