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Thanks a lot for all of your advices!
Its very encouraging to receive such input.
Im allready on my way to the vice, looking very forward to tie a bunch.

Im a little short on hooks, so the six-piece-at-a-time approach must be the way to go. I've decided to start with size 4 gotchas with clear/orange sili legs. I will let you know how I get away with it.

Since Im tieing at a small collapsible kitchen table (humble conditions - I know ) the point about lying the materials out ready in advance is even more reasonable. I will definately do that.

I have 6 weeks to take-off, means there is still time to tie a bunch. Further, I've decided to bring a vice and a selection of materials. I'll be on the road for almost 3 months so I guess I'll eventually run short on flies regardless how many I tie in advance. My goal must be to fill the box with a good selection of basic patterns (which leaves gotchas with sili legs as basic pattern ). I will have plenty of time to experience "out there" and adjust the flies to "local conditions"

Thanks again!
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