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Hi Teflon Jones,

Thanks for your reply... sorry it's taken me so long to reply. I've been a very busy boy with work.

My problem with the creek that I'm targeting is that there is heavy cover, complete with tarzan-ish vines, wild limestone rock formations and lots of trees.

I'm already assuming that I'll be doing a lot of roll casting... which I am not very proficient at, but want to learn.

I am targeting barbs mainly. They seem to range from 1/2 a pound up to 2 pounds.

I recently bought a bunch of #16 and #18 size flies. I also bought some 4X (6 lb. test) tapered leaders. I'm fairly new to this so I hope I bought the right stuff. I honestly didn't realize the flies were going to be that tiny!

Anywho, I'm thinking about buying a 4 wt or possibly a 3wt outfit with a rod that's around 8' 6".

Any advice, comments, ideas would be greatly appreciated.


From sunny Phuket, Thailand
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