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in my limited experience i have found that bonefish are a little like trout in that they tend to key in on a particular size and color due to water depth, light, and current. i tend to tie my flies in 3 weights so that i have a choice of fly depending on the water depth and current. i tie 5 or 6 flies in each pattern/weight. i also tie up some larger brighter flies for those days when wind, current and water turbulence make visibility (for the fish) an issue. those larger patterns i usually tie in 1 or 2 weights. likewise, for those days when the water is calm and shallow, the sun bright and the current slow, (and thus the fish spooky as hell) i tie smaller flies without weight so as to present softly without spooking the fish. in such conditions i want to have 3 different shades of fly depending on the color of the sand. i.e. bright and shiny, light tan, and light brown. i think that jims' and flytyers' advice on the actual tieing is spot on. if nothing else, follow their advice. it will make the whole fly tieing experience more enjoyable and productive.
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