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Hi Warren
I was at the same point last year at this time. I wanted to build some rods again. Although the KISS principal is a good one, I was able to build a wrapping/drying jig & lath for about a $100 bucks. I did have some stuff around the house that I put into service.... starboard, aluminum angles, a track from a old drafting parrallel bar etc. I bought some lath components (fly wheel & jaws) and a thread tensioning module from a online store. I bought a sewing machine motor on EBay. Electric junction box w/ rheostat and 3 way switch for foot pedal/rheostat/off.
Works pretty well for me. One thing I may improve upon is to obtain a slower rpm drying motor. Even geared down, the sewing machine motor just doesn't go slow enough for drying the epoxy.
Here are some photo's:

Feel free to contact me if I can offer any help. Good Luck!
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