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Here is an update on the Rod building project.

I have ordered a drying motor. I will build a wooden V block thingy to wrap the guides. I will also build a cork lathe, I just happen to have a surplus electric drills around here.

I have ordered a Gatti 609-3 blank, a sage Xi-2 8 wt for wifey and a Sage TXL 00 wt blank. I'll get the rest of the stuff coming soon and after the holiday chaos I will probably get started. Maybe before then if things go well.

Although all the nifty expensive tools look impressive, and are probably useful for more advanced higher production guy, I am in no particular hurry (for once) to get things done. I just want to build a few rods for fun. After all I don't want this to become work

Pescaphile any particular book you recommend for tensioning the thread? War & peace? or should I use Moby Dick
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